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Make your shopping experience at Supernova Mercator complete. You can find everything from grocery stores, bookstores, banks, opticians to organic products stores.

Supernova Mercator Postojna is the place for fast and affordable shopping

Welcome to Supernova Mercator Postojna, which awaits you in Postojna at Tržaška cesta 59. Here you will find everything you need in one place. You will find a wide offer of diffrent kinds at incredible prices, from clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories, footwear, sports products, home products and services such as hairdressers, banks and bookstores in various stores at Supernova.

Various stores offer you the best selection of quality products from domestic manufacturers and products of famous brands under one roof. Customers keep coming back to Supernova, knowing that a great shopping experience awaits them here, filled with quick and affordable purchases. Check the offer online or find new products in the catalogs of our stores and check out what Supernova has to offer.

Experience a great shopping experience. In addition to shops and branch companies, there are also a variety of services. At Supernova, we offer everything to make your entire shopping experience enjoyable, and it's up to you to put it together yourself. Regardless of whether you stop at Supernova Mercator Postojna only to make a quick purcash or make all your weekly shopping here, you will leave the shopping center smiling and happy, because you will find everything you need at one place.

From bookstore to bank office - all in one place only in Supernova

Do you want to do the weekly shopping and fill your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits, buy food, and find healthy and organic products like teas, oils, powders, super foods, and other? You will find all this and even more in the richly stocked Mercator store and the Komarček store.

In addition to shopping, you can also arrange financial dilemmas in Supernova Mercator Postojna as there is a SKB Banka office nearby to help you with all your questions regarding finances. Visit the office and ask the friendly staff for advice, arrange a loan or just check your bank balance at an ATM. The Shopping Center offers you a wide range of things to do, in the DZS you will find everything for school and office, in Optika Clarus you can check your eyesight, and in addition, experts will advise you in choosing glasses that suit you. Don't waste any more time, in Supernova Mercator Postojna you will find everything in one place, from the bookstore to the bank office.